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To evaluate the current state of the Belgian economy, the FPB regularly updates a series of indicators. The indicators concern the macro-economic stance of the economies of Belgium, its three neighbouring countries and the euro area, as well as the transport industry.

 Indicators : General government gross debt

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General government gross debt

in % of GDP


Source: Eurostat, Macroeconomic Imbalances Procedure.


Description: government debt is defined in the Maastricht Treaty as consolidated general government gross debt of the whole general government sector at nominal value, outstanding at the end of the year. The general government sector comprises central government, state government, local government, and social security funds. The relevant definitions are provided in Council Regulation 479/2009, as amended by Council Regulation 679/2010. Data for the general government sector are consolidated between sub-sectors at the national level. The series are measured in percentage of GDP. The thresholds is 60%.

Unit: % of GDP

Source: Eurostat, Macroeconomic Imbalances Procedure.

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