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To evaluate the current state of the Belgian economy, the FPB regularly updates a series of indicators. The indicators concern the macro-economic stance of the economies of Belgium, its three neighbouring countries and the euro area, as well as the transport industry.

 Indicators : Private sector credit flow

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Private sector credit flow, consolidated

in % of GDP


Source: Eurostat, Macroeconomic Imbalances Procedure.


Description: the private sector credit flow represents the net amount of liabilities in which the sectors non-financial corporations (S.11) and households and non-profit institutions serving households (S.14_S.15) have incurred along the year. The instruments that are taken into account to compile private sector credit flow are Securities other than shares (F.3) and Loans (F.4), that is, no other instruments are added to calculate the private sector credit flow. The indicator of the Alert Mechanism Scoreboard is the private sector credit flow in percentage of GDP. The threshold is 14%.

Unit: % of GDP

Source: Eurostat, Macroeconomic Imbalances Procedure.

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