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To evaluate the current state of the Belgian economy, the FPB regularly updates a series of indicators. The indicators concern the macro-economic stance of the economies of Belgium, its three neighbouring countries and the euro area, as well as the transport industry.

 Indicators : Length of transport infrastructure

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Evolution of transport infrastructure length

% wrt 2000

BE motorways0.
EU28 motorways0.014.529.130.332.534.635.537.339.140.141.0
BE inland waterways0.0-1.2-1.2-1.2-1.2-1.2-1.2-1.2-1.2-1.2-1.2
EU28 inland waterways0.
BE railways0.
EU28 railways0.0-2.7-1.2-1.0-1.1-1.4-1.9-2.3-2.5-2.5-2.6

Source:FPB (Transport database)


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