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Internal event : European Workshop on Dynamic microsimulation modelling 

Developments in microsimulation go at a tremendous speed in Europe, and this not only in academic environments, but also in public research institutions and bureaus of statistics. Teams in various countries are working hard to build or further develop all sorts of microsimulation models, often based on administrative data. Other countries have the ambition to start building these kinds of models, or have already started. See the PENMICRO report at for an overview and recent developments of microsimulation in European member states.

With these developments comes an increasing need among development teams to intensify collaboration, sharing best practices in microsimulation, and discussing technical and other issues. This small-scale workshop on dynamic microsimulation hopes to answer this need in the intermediate year between the IMA conferences.

A workshop on European microsimulation will be organized in Brussels, in the first week of March 2010. The workshop will be informal and small-scale; there will be no conference dinner and the number of participants would be limited. The workshop is primarily devoted to dynamic microsimulation models in Europe, or issues related to dynamic microsimulation.

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